November 2, 2009


Well, it's early November, so you know what this means - October in review! And what a busy month we had - our deadline was the 16th, and we had an astonishing amount of material to review.

After countless hours of reading and discussing, we compiled a list of writers and artists we felt represented the best of our entire submissions pool. I'm excited to share with the University community everything these fine writers and artists have created; as a group, the Scribe is privileged to see so much student-produced work, and every semester, it becomes clearer that URI is home to a tremendously talented student body!

Enthusiastic congratulations to the writers and artists who were accepted into the Fall 2009 edition. To everyone who submitted but was not selected - keep working! There is still the Spring 2010 edition to look forward to, and we're always happy to see what you've been working on during winter break. You're a talented bunch, and we'd love to work with you.

Right now, we're in the planning stages of our launch event. Invitations will go out in the near future with more information. We're looking forward to being able to introduce all of our featured creative folks to each other and to the faculty and administration that have been so supportive of our efforts.

We're in the midst of the printing process,, easily over 20 hours of proofreading, layout, and ordering. Special thanks to Kate and Mollie for their keen eyes for detail - it's their relentless pursuit of perfection that helps the process go so smoothly. And thanks to Marisa, our treasurer, for keeping the paperwork flowing.

Props to our entire board for their dedication. It's been a long, tiring month, but our hard work has paid off. You've got so much to be proud of - let's have an awesome event and get ready to do this again next semester!

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