November 17, 2009

iScribe Interview Series - It'll Be Awesome. Trust Her.

Name: Morgan Turano
Major(s): Chemistry (MS)
Year of Graduation: 2011
Position: Featured writer (Fall 2009, Spring 2010)

Tell us a bit about your education and work experiences. How do you see these experiences connect to writing as an art; how do they impact your writing, specifically?
I have a B.A. and M.A. in English & Creative Writing, a B.S. in Biochemistry & Forensics, and right now I’m working on an M.S. in Chemistry. As for work experiences, I’ve been a manager at a movie theatre, taught kindergarten,worked in a laboratory, and right now I’m an editorial intern at a local newspaper and I’m a Physical Chemistry T.A. Everything I do adds experiences I can draw from when I write. I meet new people, learn new things, go on wacky adventures, and it all rounds out my writing.

You have both a poem and a prose piece in the Fall 2009 edition of The Independent Scribe. Which genre do you prefer? What inspired you to write these two, different pieces? Do you see them having unique functions based solely on genre, or do they function uniquely for different reasons?
Prose, definitely. Specifically short fiction. Very short fiction. Microfiction. In fact, I prefer to think of both pieces as short fiction, even though the "Ode" is undeniably poetry. "7 O’clock News" was inspired by a radio newscast I heard while still half asleep, and the Ode was written when Iwas reading a collection of Neruda for the hundredth time for fun while reading a forensic text for work. I think the styles of the pieces are well suited to the subject matter, but I don’t think the styles alone define the pieces' functionality.

If you could wear any writer like a giant body suit from head to toe for a day, who would it be? Why? Would you act like them and trick everyone into thinking you're actually him/her, or act completely different? Why?
That’s kind of weird and creepy, so I’d have to go with Stephen King. I think he’d appreciate it the most. We could both probably write about it afterward, and his version would make me hide under my bed for a week I’m sure.

What do you like to do outside of writing and academics? Have any exciting hobbies?
Wait, there’s something outside of writing and academics? Are you sure?

If you were to design and build a home based on a literary work, what would your home be like? Look like, smell like, feel like? Why do you chose this text as your architectural inspiration?
My first instinct is a house based on The Old Man and the Sea; basically I just like the ocean. It’d be white and have huge windows and be on stilts on a cliff, and have cathedral ceilings. My second choice would be the house from the Haunting of Hill House, but I would not live in it. It’d be great for Halloween, though.

Is there any piece of fiction you just can't stand? Why?I wish to God people would stop telling me how awesome The Lovely Bones is. Don’t get me wrong, maybe it’s great, but as long as everyone is telling me about it, I have no reason to read it.

If you were to teach a creative writing course at URI, what would the course be like?
It would be awesome. You’d wish you were in my class. Trust me.

What is your favorite part about being involved with The Independent Scribe?Being a part of the writing culture. It is great to go into a room once a week and be able to talk with students who are interested in literature and writing. Working with the everyone on The Independent Scribe is a great experience, and I really do enjoy every minute of it.

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