February 12, 2010

URI Helping Haiti

The Independent Scribe is participating in the URI Helping Haiti campaign. We will be collecting donations at our booths every Friday in February - starting tomorrow!

Keep checking the school site for more information about other groups' fundraising events.

Thank you!

February 2, 2010

Held Over - The Secret Society of Demolition Scribers

In the spirit of Marc Parent's short story collection, The Secret Society of Demolition Writers, the Independent Scribe is giving you, our beloved writers, a chance to explore the deepest corners of your imagination - and be featured in our upcoming Spring 2010 edition!

The Challenge "What would you write if no one knew who you were? In the spirit of the demolition derby, where drivers heedlessly take risks with reckless abandon, welcome to the first convocation of the Secret Society of Demolition Writers. Here is a one-of-a-kind collection of famous authors writing anonymously - and dangerously."

So says Marc Parent in the introduction to the book. He rounded up 12 famous contemporary authors and asked them to write something daring, something spectacular, something their editors and agents would never let see the light of day.

How it Works Write. Whatever you want it to be, no matter how dark or silly or sexy or painfully honest. Send it our way with "SPRING 2010 CONTEST" in the subject line (and as always, make sure your name does not appear in the body of the text).

We'll choose a small, select group of winners and feature them together. Your name will appear in the table of contents, but will not be associated with your piece. We want to publicly thank you for submitting and congratulate you for winning, and we will guarantee your anonymity by never sharing who wrote which piece.

Remember, all entries must be received by Friday, March 12 at 4 PM. Any contest entries received after this point will not be considered.

For more information on Marc Parent's book, visit your favorite online retailer.

Best of luck to you all, and happy writing!