October 16, 2009

Time's Up!

As of 4 PM, our Fall 2009 deadline has passed!

Extensive, copious thanks to everyone who submitted. We've had a grand time reading and discussing your submissions. To those of you whose submissions are currently awaiting review, we are so excited to get cracking on Monday.

We will be greenlighting submissions in the next week or two, so watch your inboxes!

And now for something completely different - the layout process. Layout can be very nit-picky work, and very time-consuming, but that attention to detail guarantees that we can showcase everyone's fine work.

We had an excellent meeting with our publisher, and are feeling very positive about this edition. We discussed our layout options, cover stock, and our timeline. Once we get the ball rolling, we'll be able to release more details.

Right now, we're aiming for a November launch and a reading event. We'll be able to share more information as our short-term goals are met - all these little tasks bring us closer to our ultimate goal of sharing the myriad talents of URI's students and alumni.

I am tremendously proud of the work our editorial board has done so far, and am looking forward to seeing this edition come to fruition.

In the coming weeks, we will be making more announcements about our Spring 2010 deadline; we have also held over the Secret Society of Demolition Scribers contest until spring.

Again, my deepest thanks to all of our interested writers and artists. We have seen so much beautiful, exciting, and even funny, material that we cannot wait to share with the University community.

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