October 20, 2009


The results are in, and the Oscar honor of being published in the Fall 2009 edition of the Independent Scribe goes to a grand total of 28 spectacular individuals! After reading through hundreds of pages of writing, and a tremendous array of artwork, we've assembled an exciting publication full of humor, elegance, and spectacular vibrance.

Our most heartfelt congratulations to:

  • Rob LeBlanc
  • Mercer Smith
  • Joe LiVolsi
  • Britany Taylor
  • Laura Tetreault
  • Ray Mathieu
  • Linda Langlois
  • Mollie Bergeron
  • Ankawha Blain
  • Morgan Turano
  • Dylan Thompson
  • Nick McKnight
  • Samuel D. Aboh
  • Katie Walsh
  • Nick Rutter
  • Sarah Payne
  • Patricia Weisenseel
  • Katharine McAllister
  • George C. Whaley, Jr.
  • Marie Ventura
  • Lars Nelson
  • Shayne O'Sullivan
  • Jessica Watson
  • Brandon Genest
  • Eric Slade
  • Erik Giorgi
  • Holly Tran
  • Ian Mohon

Extra-special congratulations to Nick McKnight, who is not only a featured poet, but this edition's cover artist! No spoilers, but we can assure you that it is a lively, colorful piece that we are so excited for you to see when the publication is released.

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements about our launch event in November!

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