October 12, 2009

Fall Deadline Fast Approaching!

Hello, Scribe-fans!

Remember that this Friday is our deadline for the Fall 2009 edition! We've still got plenty of room for more poetry, essays, short fiction, and artwork - so send it our way!

And a couple of meeting notes for this week:
  • Monday - we will be scouring Fine Arts for submissions.
  • Wednesday - we will be attending Prof. Mary Cappello's reading of Called Back.
  • Friday - deadline! We may be meeting to review the last of the submissions, details to follow soon.
  • Near Future - we will be announcing some exciting upcoming events* within the next week, watch this space for more!
That's what's new with us, so keep the submissions coming in. And remember, anything received after Friday will be reserved for the Spring 2010 review queue.

* - What kind of events, you may ask. We're ironing out the details of our production process, planning a launch event, and picking our Spring 2010 deadline. We're not kidding when we say we're busy.

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