September 11, 2009

Fall 2009 Meeting Schedule

Thanks to the efforts of the wonderful Marisa, we are pleased to announce that we have our meeting schedule for the semester, starting this Monday, September 14!

On Mondays, we will meet in 308 of the Memorial Union. This room holds about 35 people, so be sure to come early for a good seat.

On Wednesdays, we will meet in 318 of the Memorial Union (except for the 16th, when we will meet in 360 - don't worry if you can't find us, someone at the Info Desk will be able to help you out). This room holds about 50 people, but again, be sure to be early for a good seat.

Our schedule is also available on the Memorial Union website in case you forget where we are.

And you can always check any of our web pages for up-to-date info on meetings and other goings-on:


And don't forget to bone up on our submissions guidelines in time to enter our first-ever contest.

We're looking forward to seeing you on Monday!

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