December 5, 2012

Launch, OH YEA.

Want free food? Want to hear fellow URI students read their own original poetry? Want a chance to pick up  this semester's issue of The Independent Scribe

You can do all of these things on Thursday, December 6th. 

This Thursday, at 6:30 pm at the 193 Coffeehouse in the Union, we will be listening to our submitters read their poems and prose, discuss their art and photography, or just talk about the pieces we've accepted and are a part of the Scribe this issue.

Whether you submitted, got accepted, didn't submit, or just found out about us the day of the deadline, WHATEVER, stop by, and see the talent of your friends and classmates, pick up a book, grab a snack (for there will be a plentiful array of snack time goodies), or just come mingle.

Hope to see you there!

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