February 6, 2012

WTF? The Independent Scribe's Spring 2012 Writing Contest! Deadline March 19th!

The Independent Scribe is currently accepting entrants into our bi-annual writing contest, and the question on our minds this Spring is "WTF?"

This semester, the editorial board decided to go about our normal routine and write down everything we individually overheard for a week that made us say, "What the F*!#?" We decided that we would use the resources of URI's creative community to help us figure out what one of our overheard lines of dialogue could possibly mean. The line we decided on was: "They're nice enough, I just can't bring them around anymore." If you think you can write a short story, poem, or anything else that includes this line in a way that makes sense, try it out and send us the results!

Some rules:

1. The line "They're nice enough, I just can't bring them around anymore" can be either dialogue or internal monologue.
2. The line must be included as written, but it does not have to be the first line, and cannot be the title of the piece. 
3. All submissions must be emailed to theindependentscribe@gmail.com as a .doc or .docx attachment by March 19th, 2012.
4. All other regular submission guidelines apply.

Prize info TBA - looking forward to hearing from you!

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